Tegla’s and a Traditional Serbian Cooking Experience!

Milan and I left the course not feeling like we had actually even been in one. It felt more like we had made new friends and the cooking happened to be taking place at the same time. You couldn’t have asked for better people to show you some traditional Serbian dishes. I’m no longer daunted by the thought of having to make my own Ćevapi instead of just buying it at the butchers, or the next time I’m alone and feel like making burek, I most certainly will…or at least I’ll try! If you’re reading this post and passing by Belgrade or plan on extending your visit, do yourself a favor and sign up for this class, you and your stomach definitely won’t regret it. Plus you’ll get to hang out with amazing Serbian locals and eat the food  that has graced their tables for generations. It’s a hands on experience not to be missed.

Tegla’s and a Traditional Serbian Cooking Experience!